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“Latvijas Jauniešu Attīstības Centrs” (Latvian Youth Development Center) is a non-governmental organisation with the main mission of enabling young people to develop themselves on personal and professional level. Our aim is to solve most painful problems in our society, promote equality, breaking stereotypes and fight youth unemployment by organising different development initiatives, projects, seminars and by utilising new media opportunities.

Our main objectives are:

  • To develop personal and professional skills of young people using non-formal education methods.
  • To create a platform of learning opportunities for people coming from rural and deprived areas of local community.
  • To increase the leadership potential of young people by organizing different workshops and seminars.

“Latvijas Jauniešu Attīstības Centrs” starts its work in the youth filed in 2014 and focuses from the beginning on active promotion of youth projects and training courses, which are mainly sponsored by grants from Erasmus+ programme. The promotion of these diverse possibilities among the target groups is realised mainly through social media and internet opportunities. Our organisation already acts as co-organizer of such projects and works effectively on implementation of further projects.

In cooperation with partners, “Latvijas Jauniešu Attīstības Centrs” also works in the field of social advertisement, with special focus on creation of short films which draw attention to social topics. With help of such social advertisement it is possible to support the resolving of problems in our society and sensibilize the people towards social issues such as discrimination, homophobia, orphanage etc.

Besides international experience, the organisation is active in conduction of local projects. In 2016 we got EVS accreditation and from 2017 we host EVS volunteers in Riga. Together with them we manage different events. For example, “Business Club” in Riga. This club supports people in the creation of their start-ups, development of their business ideas, best practice exchange based on experience and gathering useful contacts through networking. This event has the overall mission of creation of new work places in Latvia and fighting the youth unemployment throughout Europe.

 Another example of local projects is the social project called “People’s voice”. This initiative is a safe space, where people can share their thoughts about stereotypes and become active in breaking these stereotypes. Through this project Latvian Youth Development Center connects different cultures, nationalities, religions with the overall mission of showing that all of us are equal and deserve to live in the same society.

Our partners are spread all over the world, including Norway, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia.

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