During 2017-2018 our organisation hosted EVS volunteers from Romania. One of our tasks for that year was to create a social startup as an own project of volunteers and an interesting challenge for us – Latvijas jauniešu attīstības centrs.


We came to idea of creating a Product from the very important topic – healthy lifestyle. Nowadays urbanisation raise more and more, and less and less people live in rural area. The need of healthy food is in big demand. If you go to nearby shop you will see how expensive is to buy real organic food. From other side, most of the people work on daily basis and don’t have time to have their own garden – it’s much easier to get those food from the shop. Plus to above-mentioned we have to add weather conditions in our North country. Exactly this demand goes hand in hand with price formation.

First look

We started from scratches. Of course, this photo describes the last and final design. Before it we had many options and came up with this one. Unique and simple. Easy to integrate in every room. We wanted to use mostly natural materials – that is why we have our construction made by wood.


Dimensions took very long part of development process. It should be (!)portable and in the same time useful for daily use. It should be possible to grow enough greens on it and it can be installed in every kitchen or window sill.


Logo – a face of the product. From the very beginning customer should find in it what he needs: it is DIY grow box, mostly made by natural materials, it is created for healthy lifestyle.

Marketing & Strategy

After discussions and brainstorming we found two main platforms for promotion: Facebook and Instagram. This platforms connect millions of potential customers from our target regions. The content must describe what we do, who we are, how we did it, etc.

Main market

Because of different life priorities in different societies, we have to concentrate on specific region to address our product to. For the moment of developing this part of our social start-up, we found Norway as a good beginning. Because: it is Nordic country which has limited sunny days (our product helps to grow plants through additional lighting); there is big interest in eco lifestyle; due to the fact that our product is handmade it has increased prime cost, so the main market should be solvent to afford it.


    It was a long way from the BEGINNING to the END. We learned: how to create your product, how to make a plan and many other tasks connected to it. For now we have a working prototype which is ready to be promoted.

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