When our organisation hosted international volunteers from Ukraine some time ago, one of our tasks at the time was to create a social start-up as our own volunteer project and an interesting challenge for us - Latvijas jauniešu attīstības centrs.

Business model CANVAS

Before starting new project, we had to describe the idea and see if it is actually can work. First task for implementers of this startup - international volunteers Daria and Kyrylo - was to finalise the CANVAS model.

SWOT analysis

Next step was to visualise idea in SWOT analysis. It helped to concentrate on weak points and find solution for them. That was a good and right start of doing it!

Logo & Cover

Logo – a face of the product. From the very beginning customer should find in it what he needs: a Piece of Latvia in hands. Logo is also a cover for the actual box: bright, which it taking your attention.

Cover also include information about international project "Grow, Latvia!" and mention of Erasmus+ programme. 

Marketing & Strategy

After discussions and brainstorming we found two main platforms for promotion: Facebook and Instagram. This platforms connect millions of potential customers from our target regions. The content must describe what we do, who we are, how we did it, etc.



    It was a long way from the BEGINNING to the END. We learned: how to create your product, how to make a plan and many other tasks connected to it. For now we have a final product which is already promoted though different sources.

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